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Dependable webmaster and web maintenance services. U.S. based & operated.

Site Updates & Changes

We offer a full-line of website updates and webmaster services to companies of all sizes. Whether you have a 5-page campground website, or a 200-page website for your product or service Jen Kaufman Designs can provide our webmaster services at a fraction of the cost of typical agency pricing.  Our 15-minute increment billing* helps ensure that you only pay for the time you use.

Website Updates

Updating a client’s website with updates/changes is our most popular service offering.  Most often, we serve as the website’s webmaster and complete all changes to the website that the client requests.  We can efficiently and cost-effectively help you update information on your website.  Some of the most common change we help our clients make include:

  • Changing pricing or service rates
  • Updating contact information or personnel profiles
  • Adding new service features or amenities
  • Updating links; fixing broken links
  • Graphic/image changes or additions

Annual Site Updates

With the coming of a new year, generally comes a list of updates for your website.  At the very least, your copyright, years in business and other timely information need to be changed.  In addition to these basics, you may also have some product updates, new services or new information about your company that needs to be updated (personnel changes for instance).

*All time is billed in 15-minute increments. A one (1) hour minimum is charged for all change requests, so we encourage all of our clients to submit multiple requests at once.  Pricing & payment info can be accessed here.