SSL Registrations & Renewals

As we’ve discussed in our hosting setup & configuration services page, setting up your hosting account can be quite difficult and requires a degree of expertise to get everything working properly. One of the elements of a site that is often difficult to setup, is the installation of a Secure Certificate or “SSL Certificate“.

If you run a website that collects personal information like a Social Security number or payment information like a credit card or debit card, an SSL certificate is a MUST HAVE for several reasons. First, having one provides you with a secure icon in the web browser, which helps the visitor trust your site and feel safe providing you with their information. Second, if you have any type of payment processing system in place, the secure certificate is often a requirement from your bank or merchant processor.

SSL Registrations & Install

There are many choices when purchasing an SSL Certificate and you can easily be fooled into paying an exorbitant amount of money per year to maintain a secure website.  But in reality, most secure certificates are similar and discount SSL certificates can be purchased and installed on your hosting account.

Let us help you locate the type of SSL certificate you really need (minimum requirements) and get it installed on your hosting account. Installation can be a pain for the inexperienced webmaster, so choose someone that can get it done right the first time.

SSL Renewals & Updates

Unfortunately for website owners, the SSL certificate you buy this year is only good for a single year.  Next year, the certificate has to be renewed and the fees paid all over again.  Remembering to schedule the renewal and actually renewing the SSL certificate can be headache for most site owners or marketing manager.

We can help you with the renewal of your secure certificates and updates to your hosting account that are required after the renewal. We’ll even setup the yearly reminders to notify you (and us) to renew the certificate prior to the expiration date. The last thing you want to happen is to have potential customers leave your website, because they received a security warning (that your SSL is expired).

Protect your investmentEnlist our services to help ensure your site is secure at all times.