Analytics Tracking Installation

For most business owners, installing JavaScript tracking code is is not something they know how to do. Rather, its usually something they’d prefer having someone else take care for them. Tracking codes can sometimes be complex and there are usually other settings within the actual tracking account that are critical for ensuring accurate statistics are tracked.

Jen Kaufman Designs can help get tracking code installed on your website, no matter how small or large the site is.  While we prefer and recommend Google Analytics tracking to our clients, we also understand that other tracking methods might be requested and/or required for various purposes, including: affiliate tracking codes, Google AdWords conversion tracking, Yahoo Search Marketing conversion codes and a slew of other ROI/traffic measuring scripts.

We Recommend Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides an almost limitless amount of reporting and customization, so it the obvious choice for most websites.  Whether you need to track your banner advertising performance, your affiliates, reciprocal link traffic or any other sources of traffic, Google Analytics can be setup to track each effectively.