WordPress Plugin Install & Config

Jen Kaufman Designs can help you add virtually any WordPress plugin to your non-Wordpress.com blog.  Anything from SEO plugins, photo management & gallery plugins, to special upgrades within the admin dashboard area, we can help you install or upgrade a plethora of WordPress plugins.

Recommended WordPress Plugins

If you’re running your own WordPress blog for personal or for business purposes, there are a few WordPress plugins that you must have installed for basic SEO & functionality purposes.

  • All-In-One-SEO-Pack
  • Google Sitemaps
  • Copyright
  • Akismet

At a minimum, these WordPress plugins will help ensure that your blog gets indexed by Google and other search engines.  In addition, you will be protecting yourself from unnecessary work and problems using Akismet (blocks spam comments) and the Copyright plug-in, which will ensure that your RSS fees include copyright information.

Other Popular WordPress Plugins

In addition to those recommended above, there are hundreds of plugins for virtually any/all purposes.  Whether you want to add easy ways for people to donate to your favorite causes, add a photo gallery or add social media links/icons to your blog, there are blog plugins for these features.

WordPress Optimization & Plugin Installation Services

Jen Kaufman Designs provides services to help you install WordPress plugins and to configure them most efficiently.  If you already setup a WordPress 3.0 blog and are wondering how to take advantage of these advanced plugins, please contact us for a no-hassle plugin installation quote.