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Blogging software and blogs have been gaining steam for several years, but the blog has evolved over this time into a full-blown content management system and website development tool.

Highlighting the marketplace is the WordPress blogging tool – arguably the 800 lb gorilla in the blog world.  Best of all – WordPress software is 100% FREE.  Despite the fact that WordPress 3.0 is free, there are so many advanced settings and configurations that you can take advantage of – you should still consider using WordPress setup services from an experienced website developer (like us).

WordPress Blog Tool

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WordPress Blog Setup Services

We can help you install a WordPress blog on your own site or help you setup WordPress off-site at  Either way you prefer, we can help you install WordPress 3.0 and start on your blogging way.

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WordPress Plugins Installation & Blog Customization

Out of the box, WordPress blogging software is a great tool, but utilizing WordPress plugins is critical if you hope to get the most out of your blog.  In addition to great functional plugins for comment management, spam filtering, improved admin tools, etc., there are many great WordPress plugins that will help you market your blog and/or get it involved in the social media/marketing scene.

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