Our site maintenance pricing is simple – you only pay for the time you use.  We don’t believe in fixed monthly fees or long-term contracts.  You deserve honest work at a fair price, which we deliver.  As a U.S.-based website maintenance and design firm, we offer services at reduced costs, while providing exceptional service.  Affordable webmaster services for quality web work.

Maintenance Pricing

All website maintenance and site changes are completed on an hourly basis, at a rate of $40 per hour*.  Billable hours for requested changes are calculated in increments of 15 minutes, w/ an hour minimum for each project/request.  We do offer hourly packages that eliminate the hour minimums, so please inquire.

*Programming, Flash & other specialty service rates are higher & require a custom bid.

Project Estimates/Bids

We will provide you with an estimate for the requested changes, which will require your approval prior to commencing on the project.  All estimates are just that – they are an estimate of the time required to complete your changes/project.  Any time that is accrued over the estimate is still billable, but you will be notified prior to exceeding the estimate and must approve any additional time.  Likewise, if we complete the work in less time than we originally estimate, you only pay for the time used.  If you prepaid the entire estimate, you will have a credit remaining for the unused time on your account.

Website Design & Build-Out Pricing

All new website designs & build-out projects are bid out based on the requirements and needs of the individual client, at a rate of $45 per hour*.

*Programming, Flash & other specialty service rates are higher & require a custom bid.


For new customers, 1/2 payment for projects is due prior to commencing work.  For existing customers, payment will be requested upon completion of work requiring less than 3 hrs of billable time.  All customers will be required to pay 1/2 payment (for estimate) if 3 hrs or more.

Accepted payments: PayPal, Check

Turnaround & Delivery

Our general turnaround policy & delivery schedule for most** requests is within 72 hrs and we can complete changes in less time at an expedited rate. We gladly accept expedited requests and do our best to advise you in advance if we can’t meet the deadlines for whatever reason.

**Some changes require more time based on the complexity & requirements that you request.